Organic Lawn Care Service

Vital and Green of Wisconsin has an organic lawn care service for customers who desire a natural solution for fertilizing their lawn.

If you are unsure about which organic lawn care fertilizing service is best for your specific lawn, please contact us for a free lawn evaluation. And remember, organic lawn care is just one of the many lawn care services we provide!

What is Organic Lawn Care Service?

Organic lawn care service is different from normal lawn care in many ways:

  • We are treating and conditioning the soil and making it more healthy. Synthetic lawn fertilizer is more about feeding the grass plants.
  • Organic lawn care service is more about the long term health of the turf eco-system than just about short term results.
  • Organic lawn treatments provide billions of beneficial soil microbes (live micro organisms) and feed to help grass grow and multiply. Additives also encourage healthier root development and nutrient uptake into plants and trees, as well as fighting lawn diseases.
  • We still apply normal weed control products (but need much less of them). There is no organic weed control product that will kill a wide range of weeds.

We offer a 5 step and 4 step organic lawn care options. Please contact us for details on this natural lawn care option.

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