Lawn Treatment Service for Insects & Diseases

Vital and Green of Wisconsin provides lawn treatment service to defend your lawn against insects and diseases. Our team knows exactly what to look for to diagnose and treat your lawn issue. We are certified to provide lawn treatment service to quickly and thoroughly kill off pesky insects like grubs or help cure common lawn diseases like red thread.

Please contact us anytime for details or a free estimate on our lawn treatment service for your property. Vital and Green of Wisconsin can help with all your lawn care service needs!

Grub Control Treatments

Grubs - Grub Control Treatments - Lawn Treatment Service Grubs have been a growing problem in Southeastern Wisconsin in recent years, especially with the invasion of Japanese Beetles. Grubs can damage and even kill sections of lawns because they eat the roots of the grass plants, eliminating the grass ability to take up moisture and protect itself against drought. We can lay down a preventive treatment in late spring to protect your lawn from grubs for the entire season (most effective), or, we can address an existing grub problem (grubs usually do their greatest damage in late summer/early fall when it is dry).

There are a couple signs of grub activity in your lawn: 1) You start to see where an animal has dug up your yard in a particular spot, 2) your grass is turning brown in spotted areas. Go to the end of the brown spot where the grass is still green and pull up on the grass. If the grass pulls up easily like a piece of carpet, you probably have grubs. In many cases, when you pull up the turf, you will see the white grubs laying in the soil layer right where you pulled up the grass, because they are eating the grass roots! Contact us to get a lawn treatment service that kills grubs!

Leaf Spot / Melting Out Treatments

Leaf Spot Lawn Disease - Lawn TreatmentLeaf Spot is an issue in late spring/summer. It often starts out in spring relatively quietly, activating when the grass blades remain wet for long periods of time without drying off. When weather turns hot and the ground is dry, Lead Spot can “melt out” areas of lawn quickly. It turns bright straw-color withing a couple of days. If you mow your lawn when this stage is active, you will see lines from your wheels and your mowing in the grass. In many cases, watering the lawn immediately, then every other day for an hour, will move the grass toward recovery. Often fertilizing the lawn will also help speed recovery.

Red Thread Lawn Disease Treatment

red thread lawn disease - lawn treatment serviceRed Thread is a common lawn disease in SE Wisconsin. It can happen to your lawn from late spring, through summer and all the way through fall when weather is wet and cool. Your lawn might have Red Thread if it has irregular tan patches that look like dead grass. Patches can range from a few inches to a few feet in diameter and they are usually irregular patterns and shapes with red, thread-like filaments among the grass blades. If you think your lawn might have Red Thread, we recommend collecting grass clippings to prevent further spreading of the disease. Then give us a call so we can diagnose your lawn and provide treatment.

Lawn Shade Issues

lawn shade damage - lawn treatment serviceQuite often people find their grass is thinning out under trees, bushes, and building over hangs – or even due to a neighbor’s plantings! We can look at the situation for you and make recommendations such as tree trimming, taking down your garage (just kidding), bush pruning, or even shady landscape suggestions for areas where shade cannot be eliminated.

Early Spring Snow Mold

snow mold - lawn treatment serviceCertain Wisconsin winter conditions can leave your lawn with matted down circles or patches in your grass when snow melts. Leaving the grass matted down can choke out new spring growth, and cause your lawn to recover very slowly. We can dethatch your lawn for you, which will address the problem, or you can vigorously rake the snow mold areas.

Early Spring Vole Damage

vole damage to lawns - treatmentVoles (a type of meadow mouse) are common in Wisconsin lawns. They love to tunnel through your turf under the snow and eat the succulent stems of the grass plants. When the snow melts, you see trails and piles of grass where they partied and traveled during the winter. To clean this up and stimulate grass growth, we can dethatch your lawn for you.

Summer Patch Lawn Treatment

Summer Patch Lawn Disease - Lawn Treatment ServiceSummer Patch can hit your lawn just went you’d think – in summer when it’s hot. This disease can look like a bit like doggie damage, but it’s caused from a combination of hot, moist conditions and high levels of alkaline in your soil and high levels of PH in your thatch. In other words, conditions you probably can’t prevent. You can identify Summer Patch by noticing ring-like patches of wilted grass usually up to about 3 inches in diameter. It can also have rings that merge into larger irregular patches. Although you may not be able to do much to prevent Summer Patch, it will help if you don’t water your lawn excessively during hot weather. We can treat Summer Patch with core aeration and acidifying fertilizers to lower thatch pH.

Mosquito Treatments for Your Yard

Mosquito TreatmentsTroublesome mosquitoes can keep you from enjoying your backyard? Vital and Green can apply a treatment that will prevent mosquitoes for as long as 4 weeks!Do you have a graduation party? Birthday party? Fourth of July party coming up? This would be a great way to guarantee a successful outdoor event without feeling forced indoors by hungry mosquitoes.

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