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Vital and Green of Wisconsin provides outstanding lawn repair service to SE Wisconsin home and business owners. There are many causes of lawn damage:

  • insect or disease lawn damage
  • damage due to heavy shade from trees, bushes or buildings
  • dog urine or snow salt burns the grass
  • severe drought
  • construction damage or damage from tree/bush removal

Reseeding your lawn can be done by you or by us. The type of seeding that can be done varies with the turf situation. Aeration with overseeding, slit seeding, or adding topsoil, seed and straw are some of the approaches we take to lawn repair.

Please contact us anytime for details or a free estimate on our lawn repair service for your property. We also provide other lawn care services if desired.

Proper Watering for Lawn Repair

lawn sprinkler - lawn repair serviceWatering is probably the most important part of the seeding process. Seeds need regular watering in order to germinate. Young grass plants need regular watering because their roots are immature and will dry up quickly during dry spells.

When planing new grass seed, we recommend at least a full month of watering for the best results.

New seed grass needs four weeks to get established after germination before you should mow it for the first time. Wait until new grass is at least 5 inches tall before mowing because the grass blades are too tender and easy to damage with the mower blades. Remember to keep your grass long so you are only taking off a small amount.

Growing Grass - Lawn Repair Service

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