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Vital and Green of Wisconsin provides lawn mowing service to our full service lawn care customers in Waukesha, Jefferson and Dodge county homes and businesses. In other words, if you are already using multiple applications of our lawn treatment or lawn fertilizing services, you can add lawn mowing service as well. Our crews make sure your lawn is mowed to the optimal length with professional equipment for healthy grass and great looking property!

Please contact us anytime for details or a free estimate on our lawn mowing service for your property. And remember, there are many other lawn care services we can provide if needed!

Lawn Mowing Service Details

freshly mowed grass - lawn mowing serviceWhen providing our professional lawn mowing service, we mow in a beautiful straight line pattern. We also include edging your property and cleaning up any clumps of grass that may occur as well as blowing off your sidewalks, patio, driveway, and hard surfaces.

We alter the pattern line every time we mow which will allow your grass to have a more upright growth pattern. This also helps avoid producing ruts in your lawn.

Protecting your lawn is also a key consideration when we provide lawn mowing service. Vital and Green will NOT mow your grass during a drought or if the grass has not grown much. To further protect your lawn, our team cuts your lawn to be a height of three inches tall. This is important for several reasons, here are a few:

  • We don’t want to injure the crown of the plant where new growth generates and nutrients are stored.
  • Cutting grass too short causes it to use all its energy to grow tall again, actually shrinking the roots.
  • Keeping your lawn at around 3 inches helps keep it thick, more drought resistant, and it preserves moisture in the soil profile.
  • Thicker lawns prevent weed growth.
  • When grass is thicker and longer it creates a better environment, less run off, and it stays green longer.
Lawn Mower cutting grass - Lawn Mowing Service - Vital and Green of Wisconsin

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Call us at 262-966-0739 or fill out a quick form online to request a free estimate on getting your lawn mowed if you are already a regular Vital and Green of Wisconsin customer. We are happy to add lawn mowing to your list of services.

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