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Vital and Green of Wisconsin provides outstanding lawn maintenance service to SE Wisconsin home and business owners. We service all of Waukesha, Jefferson and Dodge counties. We are glad to evaluate your lawn to see which services we recommend. Then our professional team provides conscientious lawn maintenance service to help your lawn be its healthiest. Whether you need core aeration or dethatching services, we have the experience, equipment and integrity to make sure it’s done right!

Please contact us anytime for details or a free estimate on our lawn maintenance service for your property. We also provide other lawn care services if needed.

Core Aeration Service

lawn aerator plugs - lawn maintenance serviceCore aeration loosens the soil to improve the flow of air, water and nutrients to grass roots. Aerating your lawn also helps control thatch buildup, relieves compacted soil, and stimulates root development, creating a healthier lawn. When your lawn is core-aerated it will leave behind plugs of soil and sod about the size of your baby finger which will decompose and produce a natural fertilizer for your lawn. If you look into the holes after several days you may see new grass roots being formed allowing your lawn to thicken up.

Your lawn can be core aerated either in the spring or the fall (April or September). Spring is the period of most vigorous grass growth, and fall is the time of most vigorous root extension.

Lawn Dethatching Service

lawn thatch dethatching - lawn maintenance serviceDethatching a lawn should be done in early spring before the grass turns green. If you have lots of dead grass build up where when you look down into your grass you just see brown that is an indication that one is needed. Standing dead grass in your lawn will suffocate out your grass as well as not allow the roots to absorb rain properly. Water staying on top of your lawn for long periods of time could leave your lawn with disease. We recommend lawn dethatching service after a long hard winter if you have matted down grass, gray grass, or vole damage.

When providing our dethatching service we go on your lawn with a large mower that has a tine rake on the front, we do this in two different directions exposing your root system to sunlight allowing your roots system to become full, green and thick. This will stimulate and encourage new root growth. While dethatching your lawn our machine will bag all your thatch which we then haul away. Another benefit of dethatching is that any fertilizer that is applied to your lawn will be able to work effectively after a lawn is dethatched.

Core Aeration - Lawn Maintenance Service - Vital and Green of Wisconsin

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