Lawn Care in Dodge County

Vital and Green of Wisconsin services over 1,800 customers in Dodge County and Jefferson County. We combine these areas in our customer count because our biggest population of customers is in Watertown, which falls in both counties. This is important to keep in mind because it should demonstrate how familiar we are with lawn care and garden landscaping issues in these areas. We have vast experience treating lawns, flower beds, trees and bushes for healthy growth in Dodge County.

To learn more or see if we service your area of Dodge County, please contact us by calling 262-966-0739 or fill out a quick form online.

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Dodge County Map - Lawn Care Service Areas - Vital and Green of Wisconsin

Watertown Lawn Care Services

Watertown is a huge service area for us here at Vital and Green of Wisconsin. We have many organizations and residential home owners using our Watertown landscaping and lawn care services. Our customers are located in both the historic areas of Watertown and the newer areas too. In recent years we have been asked to provide weed control and lawn fertilization services specifically to remove “Creeping Jenny” from Watertown lawns. We know just what to look for and how to stop this nuisance.

Watertown WI

Let’s Talk About Lawn Care in Dodge County

If you are located in Dodge County or Watertown and interested in lawn care, weed control, or tree care services, we’d love to hear from you! Please call us at 262-966-0739 or fill out a quick form online to request a free estimate or evaluation of your property.

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