Tree Service and Pruning Bushes

Vital and Green provides professional tree service and we have experience pruning bushes to help your plants stay healthy and free from disease. We can help by providing bush and tree fertilization, pruning and a number of different tree disease treatments. Since 1983 we have been helping our customers control common tree health problems in SE Wisconsin like Apple Scab and more! Contact us for a free consultation on your trees and bushes or any of our garden landscaping services.

Bush and Young Tree Fertilizing

Tree FertilizingSpring and fall are both excellent times to fertilize your shrubs, bushes and young trees. Using a special probe, we inject nutrients into the root zone of your bushes and young trees to enhance health and hardiness. This treatment includes slow-release fertilizer and a special package of micro-nutrients also needed by plants in SE Wisconsin, such as iron, magnesium, and manganese.

In spring, tree and shrub fertilizing is done as soon as the ground thaws. The nutrients will be taken up by the roots now that their sap is running, and give your tree an excellent spring feeding. In fall, the treatment feeds the plants for late fall root extension and added hardiness to survive Wisconsin winters.

Pruning Bushes

Tree PruningWe trim, prune and shape bushes and small trees to keep them healthy and attractive. Pruning bushes is normally done twice a year: summer to trim and shape bushes after spring growth, and late fall/early spring to clean up and get bushes ready for spring.

Pruning is necessary so your bushes do not grow out of control leaving you with an unattractive landscape. By trimming them twice a year your bushes will maintain their shape and fullness and prevent overgrowth resulting in bush damage. When we do bush pruning, we also cut out unwanted renegade bushes and young trees to prevent unwanted plants from overtaking your beautiful landscape.

Apple Scab Treatments

Apple Scab Disease - TreatmentsKeep your crabapple trees looking beautiful all season long! Apple Scab is a fungus that attacks apple and crabapple trees. In early stages, the leaves have dark green spots on them. Later, the spots turn brown, then the leaves turn yellow and/or dry up and fall off, often leaving the tree almost empty of leaves by late July. The solution is Apple Scab Treatments. The tree must be treated before the leaves become infected with the scab fungus.

Vital and Green comes and treats your trees three times a year. The first treatment is applied in spring when the trees first bud. The second treatment is done after the blossoms drop, to protect the bees. Then the third treatment takes place one month later. Professionally applied Apple Scab Treatments in spring protect your trees from this debilitating and obnoxious ailment for the rest of the growing year.

Needlecast Disease Treatment for Pines & Spruces

Needlecast on pine - tree serviceAs its name implies, Needlecast is a tree disease in spruce and long needle pine trees that causes the needles to drop off. Needlecast spreads most in the spring and can damage new growth on the trees as well as previous years’ needles. Long periods of moisture and a lack of air flow through trees activates the disease pathogens.

When the time is right, we apply two preventative treatments to the needles to suppress the spread of Needlecast or Pine Tip Blight.

Boxwood Blight

Boxwoods with Blight - tree serviceBoxwood Blight is a fungal disease caused by Cylindrocladium Pseudonaviculatum. They symptoms and signs you may see begin as dark leaf spots that coalesce to form brown blotches. The undersides of the infected leaves will show white sporulation of the Boxwood Blight fungus following periods of high humidity. Boxwood Blight cause rapid defoliation, which usually starts on the lower branches and moves upward in the canopy. Vital and Green is able to treat the Boxwood Blight before it begins by doing 3 treatments in the spring to prevent the Boxwood Blight from happening.

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