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Vital and Green of Wisconsin has been diagnosing and treating insects in trees and bushes since 1983. We are familiar with SE Wisconsin tree insects and how new species have infiltrated our area over the years. We know what to look for on your bark and leaves to get your tree the best treatment fast. Please contact us anytime for a free estimate on our tree insect control service for your home or business. Vital and Green can help with any needed insect control or landscaping services!

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) and Birch Borer Treatments

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) in SE WisconsinThese trees can be attacked by several kinds of borers that eat through the tree’s vascular tissue, eventually shutting down the flow of sugars, water and nutrients up and down the tree. Early damage to White Birch and several types of Ash trees usually begins with several branches dying in the upper crown of the tree, then more and larger sections die as the borers spread throughout the tree. Depending on the size of the trees and the situation, we can provide spring or fall treatments to your trees.

For smaller trees, we inject the insecticide into the ground under the tree, and the tree slowly takes it in through the roots. Uptake is enhanced on warm days and moist soil, and the insecticide translocates through the entire tree, making the tree noxious to the borers and any other insects that would eat on the tree. For larger trees, we usually inject the product directly into the tree, and the tree efficiently moves the insecticide throughout the branches and leaves. Trunk injections last two years, while soil injections last one year.

Japanese Beetle Treatments

Japanese Beetle in SE WisconsinDid you have Japanese Beetles everywhere last year? While the adult beetles have some favorite trees they eat (linden, crabapple, elm, red leaf trees, birch) they also love many flowers and bushes (especially roses). Vital and Green can spray your trees and bushes for Japanese Beetles so they will no longer damage them. The other concern is for lawns in that their juvenile stage is a white grub that eats the roots of grass plants. We can provide a grub treatment that will give you season long prevention of grubs in your lawn.

Sawfly / Longneedle Pine Treatments

Pine Sawfly - Longneedle pine tree in SE WisconsinThis is a treatment for Pine Sawfly in Austrian Pines as well as Mugho Pines in beds. These Sawflies eat the needles off your pines and leave the stem of the tree standing. Defoliation is most severe in the crown to upper half of the tree but heavily infested trees can be completely defoliated.

There are two generations each year. Larvae of the first generation feed on needles from the previous year. Young sawflies eat the more tender outer parts of the needles while older larvae consume them entirely. They are full-grown (about inch long) by July. The second generation of this sawfly feeds on both old and new needles during August and September.

Lilac and Viburnum Borer Treatments

Lilac tree - protect from lilac borerSpring is the time to protect your Lilac and Viburnum bushes from borer attack. The wasp-like moths are laying their eggs at the base of the plant. These trees and ornamentals can be attached by borers that eat through the cardiovascular tissue at the base of the bush and kill them.

Heavily infested plants appear unhealthy, and often show swelling, cracks and emergence holes at the base of the plant. Gnarled and scarred stems with sawdust are sure signs of attack. We can provide a spring/fall treatment that gives season long protection for your trees and/or bushes.

Tent Caterpillars or Summer Webworms

Tent Caterpillars - Tree Insect ControlThe tell tale evidence of Tent Caterpillars is the silky tent they make in the tree branches in spring. This is their hideout from predators. They spend the night in their tent homes, then emerge during the day to eat massive amounts of leaves off the tree.

Summer webworms are similar, but they are active in summer rather than spring. They also love to eat the leaves of Burning Bushes. We can control either bush and tree insect at your request by spraying them with an effective insecticide.

Emerald Ash Borer Tree Damage - Tree Insect Control - Vital and Green of Wisconsin

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