Mulch Installation Service

Vital and Green offers a high quality mulch installation service. Mulch is useful in landscapes for moisture conservation, appearance and the added benefit of weed control. To keep your beds and landscape well manicured it is beneficial to lay down new mulch each year. After cleaning and edging your beds if needed, we lay down the attractive natural mulch of your choice, beautifying your beds and minimizing weed growth. We also install bed edging if needed. We specialize in natural mulches such as pine bark, hardwood and hemlock mulch.

If you would like an estimate on mulch installation for your property, please contact us anytime. And don’t forget to check out all our landscaping services to keep your property looking beautiful this summer!

How We Approach Mulch Installation

Mulch InstallationWe use a professional bed edger that makes clean-cut edges in your grass for mulch. The purpose is so grass will not jump into your beds and it gives a manicured appearance around your beds. Our team will also pull and spray weeds in beds before we install mulch. We can mulch your beds anytime of the year with a team of employees that are well trained.

We offer a variety of mulch options. The most popular is Hemlock mulch, which is a beautiful high quality natural golden brown mulch that keeps its color year round. It tends to last 2 years. However, the second year it will have thinned out. A slightly lower cost option is Hardwood Mulch. It is an attractive natural brown mulch that can turn gray from the sun in about 2-3 months and will need to be replaced yearly.

We do not recommend black fabric weed barrier because as the mulch breaks down, it develops a soil on top of the fabric which produces weeds. One of the biggest negative issues with fabric weed barriers is that it will limit the amount to moisture getting to your plants. There is no benefit to adding weed barrier under mulch. However, there are advantages to laying down weed barrier fabric under stone since stone doesn’t break down.

Mulch Installation Service - Vital and Green of Wisconsin

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