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Vital and Green treats trees, bushes and lawns for insects and its sister company, Ace Pest Solutions, provides insect treatments to homes. Both companies are owned and run by Doris and Glenn Mertens, so you can expect the same great service!

We offer two levels of home pest control service depending on your needs. There is a 4 step program and a 2 step program. See details below. Each program will help protect your home from troublesome insects like spiders, as well as individual treatments for Japanese Beetles, Asian Lady Bugs, Box Elder Bugs and Bees/Wasps. Please contact us anytime for details or a free estimate on home pest control and insect treatments. And always remember that Vital and Green can help with ALL your landscaping service needs!

Asian Lady Bug / Box Elder Bug Treatment

Asian LadybugMarch/April: Tired of these troublesome bugs crawling in your house during late winter/early spring? The warm early spring sun brings these unwelcome pests out of cracks, nooks and crannies, and into your living room, and any room with windows exposed to the sun. We can come and knock them out for you, as well as kill any spiders or other unwelcome insects lurking around on the main floor(s) as well as the basement.

Fall: Box Elder and Asian Lady Bugs will come in great numbers to the sides of your house in the fall, not only crawling outside the siding, but crawling inside the siding, into the windows, doors and other entry points of your home, looking for warmth as fall temperatures decrease. The best way to keep them away from your house is for us to apply a treatment in late September/early October, by spraying a long-lasting insecticide on the entire exterior of your home.

Bee and Wasp Treatments

Bee Wasp TreatmentKeeping bees and wasps away from your home is important for the safety of your family and friends. We will come out at your request and “shoot down” wasp nests and beehives from home soffits, facia, siding, tree (paper wasps), under decks, in landscape, etc.

Spider Treatments & Other Insects

house spider - home pest control serviceAll of our home pest treatment services include keeping spiders, silverfish and other creepy crawlies out of your home.

We recommend treating your home inside and out four times a year for the absolute best protection from insects. And with that program, if you see insects in your house between treatments, just give us a call and we’ll come back to spray again. See all the options and details below.

Box Elder Bug - Home Pest Control Service - Vital and Green of Wisconsin

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The “Barricade” FOUR Step Home Insect Protection Program

  1. Spring: Barricade your home with an outdoor perimeter treatment of your lawn, and an interior treatment of your baseboards and basement as needed/allowed.
  2. Summer: Again treat the exterior of your home with the 3-5 foot barrier, and treat the interior again.
  3. Fall: Exterior barricade around your home, interior treatment upon request.
  4. November treatment of the interior of your home to control any insects that may have entered in late fall, as well as spiders and silverfish.

Standard TWO Step Home Insect Protection Program

We spray a six foot perimeter around the exterior of your home to keep pests out. Treatments are applied two times a year during Spring and Fall (September). An interior treatment of your basement and baseboards can be applied as needed or allowed.


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