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Garden landscaping services are a fun departure from lawn care for us at Vital and Green of Wisconsin. Along with helping our customers have healthy green lawns, we appreciate the “wow” factor a beautifully cared for garden can add to a property. Since 1983 we have been providing garden services to Waukesha, Jefferson and Dodge county property owners. We help keep weeds out of your flower beds with pre-emergence weed control, we can kill unwanted grass and weeds on your property or help you with removing and planting flowers, plants or trees.

If you would like a professional opinion on your potential project or an estimate to fix a problem with your flower beds, please contact us anytime. And don’t forget to check out all our lawn and landscaping services to keep your yard or business looking beautiful this summer!

Pre-emergence Weed Control in Flower Beds

Weed Control in BedsAre you tired of weeding your beds all summer? Let us put down a pre-emergence weed control in your beds. This is a granular product that is spread on your beds early in the spring right after the snow melts and the ground begins to thaw. Pre-emergence prevents weeds and grasses from germinating and growing in your beds! We can lay down broadleaf and grass preventer without harming the existing plants in your flower beds.

Once the pre-emergence is applied, it seals the ground. It is important to avoid digging in that area or you will open the soil allowing weeds to germinate once again. If your mulch or rock does not cover your beds sufficiently the pre-emergent can only work so good because it will dry out and crack which will open the soil again.

There are some weeds that the pre-emergence do not conquer completely. The main cuprit is thistles. Thistles are not eliminated with pre-emergence weed control, but they are greatly reduced.

Pre-emergence effectiveness lasts about 2-3 months, so in late August and early September you may see another crops of weeds. To prevent this you should have your flower beds treated twice every season. Please note: If you have grass in your beds pre-emergence will not prevent the grass from coming back – grass is not a weed. Grass must be manually removed from your beds (vegetation control is a service we can provide as well if needed – see below).

Landscape Renovation and Planting Flowers

Landscape InstallationOur professional team can update your old and overgrown landscape by installing new and healthy bushes and planting flowers to make the beds around your home look updated and have great curb appeal.

We work with you one on one to design your flower beds the way you would like them to look. Making sure the plants are in the right areas for optimum growth and aesthetically nice. After meeting with our owner, Glenn, together you will design a new landscape that our technicians will install for you. This could involve as little as just replacing bushes, or planting flowers or small trees. But it could also involve cutting new beds, adding edging around the beds, adding hardscapes, and much more. We can remove your old landscape and dispose of it, prepare your beds and plant the new bushes, flowers, etc and put down rich mulch or beautiful landscape stone.

Vegetation Control on Gravel, Stone and Pavement

Vegetation Control on pavementThis is a vegetation control applied to all unwanted weeds and grasses that may have traveled to your beds, rocks, gravel areas to give your property a clean and manicured appearance. This usually has to be done two times a season, once in June and then again in August. We would be happy to provide this service for you to keep your gravel areas looking beautiful and weed free.

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