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Since 1983 Vital and Green of Wisconsin has offered a wide variety of landscaping services. We service over 3,000 home and business owners in Waukesha, Jefferson and Dodge counties. We can help with anything from weed control and mulch installation to landscape renovation and planting flowers. If you would like a professional opinion on a landscaping issue or dream project, please contact us anytime.

Landscaping Services Available

Flowering Tree - Tree Service - Vital and Green of Wisconsin

Tree Service and Pruning Bushes

In spring, summer and fall, we prune and shape landscape bushes in beds to keep them looking healthy and attractive. We also help your trees and bushes stay healthy and strong with regular fertilization. We can evaluate and treat your trees for disease if needed. We do not trim trees unless the branches can be reached from the ground. We also provide preventative fungicide treatments for trees such as Apple Scab, Needlecast, Pine Tip Blight, and more.

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Emerald Ash Borer Tree Damage - Tree Insect Control Service - Vital and Green of Wisconsin

Tree Insect Control Service

Protect your trees from deadly insects like Emerald Ash Borer, Birch Borer, Japanese Beetles, Pine Sawfly, and more! We know how to diagnose and treat tree insects quickly!

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Mulch Installation - Lawn Treatment Service - Vital and Green of Wisconsin

Mulch Installation

Mulch has many benefits for landscapes, plus it looks fantastic! No wonder realtors call it “mulch magic” when new mulch is added to a home! See all the details we manage when installing mulch.

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Box Elder Bug - Home Pest Control Service - Vital and Green of Wisconsin

Home Pest Control Service (Exterior)

Vital and Green can help get rid of pesky Asian Lady Bugs and Box Elder bugs on your home every fall with an exterior treatment.

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Garden Landscaping Services - Vital and Green of Wisconsin

Garden Landscaping Services

Keep your flower beds looking beautiful and free of weeds with our garden landscaping services! We offer vegetation control to kill off unwanted grass and weeds anywhere on your property, such as in gravel or mulch areas. We also apply pre-emergence weed control in landscape beds to prevent weeds.

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“We’ve used Vital and Green for lawn care, insect control and mulch for years and have never been disappointed! We would recommend them to anyone and everyone!”

– Kurt K. of Hartland, WI

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