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Why Choose Vital and Green

All lawn care companies are not the same!

Doing our best for YOU is our number one priority!

  • Vital and Green guarantees our lawn treatments – we are a locally owned and operated company and we stand behind our work!
  • We come and consult with you about your lawn and bed needs, problems and solutions at no charge.
  • We use high quality fertilizers with plenty of controlled-release nitrogen. This means your lawn is fed more evenly, the fertilizer lasts longer in your lawn, and the grass does not shoot up quickly due to a flush of quick-release nitrogen.
  • Our fertilizers also contains a selection of micro nutrients that keep your lawn a darker green and helps with the soil pH balance.
  • We offer true organic lawn care services that actually benefit your lawn and soil – Not just organic in name only!
  • We use only the best and most effective weed control products! We also vary the products we use, so weeds are less likely to build up a tolerance to them.
  • We regularly monitor and educate our lawn technicians, so they are careful and knowledgeable about their work.
  • Communicating with you is essential! We provide you with an information sheet each time we treat your lawn. This page gives you season-specific and weather-related pointers, as well as alerting you to problems to watch for in your lawn. If we see problems, we alert you and make suggestions on how you can fix them.
  • Along with providing you with outstanding lawn care and landscaping services, we also believe in educating our customers by providing helpful information on our website and directly when needed so you can have even more beautiful yards!
Glenn and Doris Mertens - Owners of Vital and Green of Wisconsin
Vital and Green was founded in 1983 and has been owned and operated by Glenn and Doris Mertens since 1999. Our goal is to operate our business with integrity at all times and deliver excellent service and value to our customers.
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